Video Publishing options

Start producing talking videos for free immediately using the free BASIC video option, or purchase credits to get started with PRO and DOWNLOAD video publishing options.

Each new SlideTalk account receives 10 credits for free.


FREE of charge

  • Public video
  • Published on
  • Not embeddable
  • Up to 12 slides


10 credits

  • Public video
  • Published on YouTube (*)
  • Yes embeddable
  • Up to 30 slides


20 credits

  • Private video
  • Download as MP4 video
  • Yes use as you prefer
  • Up to 100 slides

(*) PRO videos are published on the SlideTalkNet YouTube Channel. To publish on your own channel, use the DOWNLOAD option

Watch this video to learn more about the publishing options:

SlideTalk Credits

To produce PRO and DOWNLOAD videos, simply load your account with credits, use your credits to publish your video, and then refill your account with more credits as you go.

The number of credits needed for each video depends on the publishing option chosen.

Credit packages

The more credits you purchase, the cheaper they get. It is as simple as that:

Package Package price Price per credit
10 credits $8 USD $0,80 USD
20 credits $14 USD $0,70 USD
60 credits $34 USD $0,57 USD
100 credits $49 USD $0,49 USD
200 credits $79 USD $0,39 USD
500 credits $149 USD $0,30 USD
1000 credits $229 USD $0,23 USD
2000 credits $349 USD $0,17 USD

Purchase credits now

Partnership and API

Interested in integrating SlideTalk creation and publishing into the core of their business processes, via a cloud API? Check our Cloud API and Partnership page for more information.

Subscriptions and bulk purchases

Do you want to purchase larger amount of credits or have huge recurring productions needs? Send us an email describing your project at and we'll provide you more information.