SlideTalk Partnership Program

Creating slidetalk on is great, but in some case the process of creating talking videos needs to be automated.

This is why we created the SlideTalk partnership program, to allow partner to integrate creation of talking videos right into the core of their business processes, via a cloud API.

Who is it for?

Everyone with need for automating creation of talking videos, as for example:

  • A travel agency wanting to illustrate a destination using videos instead of sequences of picture with text comments.
  • A real estate agency wanting to show details of a house for sale in a nice video.
  • A webshop wanting to illustrate and promote an article using a video.
  • An app developer generating videos with screenshots and comments to promote her work.
  • A news portal creating automatic videos from picture and comments.
  • An educational institution or eLearning company converting a library of presentations and courses into a video library.

All these businesses and many similar ones share the need to generate videos automatically for publishing on a webshop or other website.

How does it work?

The concept is similar to the interactive version of SlideTalk: the SlideTalk partner uploads a sequence of images and texts via the cloud API and in return gets a video file or a link to a page where the talking video is published on behalf of the partner.

SlideTalk partners can customize TTS settings, background music and publishing option.

The following picture illustrates the SlideTalk structure. SlideTalk partners will be able to access directly the production API to initiate and control production of talking videos.

Contact us!

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