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Video presentations have become popular due to their inherent capability to stimulate interest in the audience. The greater engagement created by the video media empowers the presenter to connect deeper with its audience and deliver the message more efficiently. This is particularly important in life-saving topics like Occupational Safety and Health and Workplace Safety.

Occupational Health and Safety talking videos

SlideTalk is a free PowerPoint to video converter which enables anybody to turn any simple presentation into an engaging talking video. Engaging talking video leaves greater imprints of instructions in the mind of the audience with less efforts. Human Resource managers can therefore reach a better result and make sure that safety and health instructions are received and assimilated by workers.

SlideTalk makes it simple to create video from PowerPoint and anyone can make one in a short time. Here is how it works:

  • Log in to SlideTalk
  • Upload slides or a complete PowerPoint
  • Type the content to be spoken by the voice over, and our high-quality text to speech technology will convert the content into engaging audio.
  • Simply download the high-quality video and share it with the audience on your own channels, or use the options for immediate publishing on the SlideTalk‚Äôs website or YouTube channel.

In this way, you can create Occupational Health and Safety videos to create better understanding among the audience. The increased engagement among the audience turns into higher retention of your Workplace Safety procedures.

Using SlideTalk as a PowerPoint to video converter, you can turn an average presentation into an interesting and engaging video. You can also add background music to make the video more intriguing and reach a deeper emotional connection.

It is a well proven fact that, when potential target group is shown a video, it tends to respond stronger to the topic which leads to higher impression and longer retention.

For workers with reading difficulties or conditions like dyslexia the talking video eliminates the barrier provided by a text-only presentation, as they could listen to the message and only focusing on the images.

SlideTalk also supports more than 20 languages so human resource managers can turn their presentations into several videos with voice over in different languages, and make sure that all your employees can take part of the message and safety and health instructions independently of the linguistic background.

Create FREE talking video now