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What is SlideTalk and who should use it?

In short, Slidetalk is PowerPoint-to-Video with automatic voiceover.

Videos provide a convenient and engaging way of accessing and consuming information, but producing videos is a difficult and time-consuming activity. SlideTalk provides a solution by making it easy to convert presentations (PowerPoint or any collection of pictures and slides) into videos, using high quality text-to-speech to create an automatic voic eover.

With SlideTalk, if you know how to build a presentation, then you know how to build an engaging talking video.

SlideTalk provides a simple and ideal solution in many areas:

eLearning and instructional design: publish instructions, presentations, lessons and teaching material as talking videos

Tutorials and instructions: publish tutorials, commented screenshots and explain illustrated instructions in simple and easy-to-follow videos

Business presentations: presentations, product descriptions, price lists and other marketing materials may be effectively presented as talking video

Events and project documentation: picture shows from events, project information, meetings documentation, personal photo shows may be rendered as talking videos

In the classroom: add videos to your teaching, and let your students use SlideTalk for their projects to learn how to use picture and audio to illustrate and summarize a concept

Press Coverage

Articles from leading eLearning blogs and press releases, illustrating different aspects of the SlideTalk concept and its applications:

About us

SlideTalk is a Swedish company founded byJohanandPaoloin 2012, in partnership with Acapela-Group.

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For any information or request, send us an email

Need help converting content to eLearning videos?

If you have a project requiring you to convert content into eLearning videos, you can perform the work by yourself using the SlideTalk service.

However if you need help with your project, as for instance in shaping your presentation, making sure that you get your message across and marketing your video material, drop us an email today

We have long experience in transforming content into eLearning videos and in marketing, and we would be glad to help you in your project.

Microsoft BizSpark

SlideTalk is part of the Microsoft BizSpark program and is built on Windows Azure cloud platform.

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